Lost in the ’80s without
“Rock Me Amadeus”

You can have Joan Baez croaking about how many roads a man must walk down before they call him a man, or Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder agonizing because Jeremy spoke in class today. For me, no music is as near and dear as ’80s pop...


Top 100 one-hit wonders of the ’80s

Updated 10/04/2002


’80s By the Numbers
It’s impossible to quantify our love for ’80s music, but it is fun to see how various artists stack up on the charts. This feature offers cold, statistical looks at the biggest and best of the ’80s.
Updated 09/22/2002


Greatest Misses
Browse our list of the most
embarrassing “Greatest Hits” omissions, including forehead- slapping misses by Prince, George Michael and Bruce Springsteen.
Updated 09/18/2002


Deep in the Heart of Texas
I’ve never been to Texas, but it’s said to be a weird place, like another country between the U.S. and Mexico. The region’s best music feels sunbaked and acid-fried, even hallucinatory. That is to say, in Texas, punk rock is psychedelic rock as well. Sure, there were great hardcore-inspired bands like the Dicks and the Big Boys. Yet for many, Texas punk never got better (or stranger) than the holy trinity of Daniel Johnston, the Butthole Surfers, and Scratch Acid.
Updated 09/17/2002


The Up Sides of B-Sides
Your albums sell a million copies out of the box, but you want to give your fans a reason to buy your singles. It’s the 1980s, remember, so people still buy singles. Maybe you have some tracks that didn’t fit the album thematically, or you’ve experimented and have some fun songs you think the fans will enjoy. The B-side comes to the rescue. Here are some notable ’80s B-side artists.
Updated 09/02/2002



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Latest profiles:

Peter Schilling: “Major Tom (Coming Home)
Posted: 01/14/2003
The music begins with the synth pulse of a passing satellite, but almost immediately dissolves into a chaotic keyboard intro that finally takes hold with a burst of percussion and electronic guitar. The rhythm bed is the synthesizer equivalent of a choogling Credence Clearwater Revival backbeat of bass and syncopated guitar. Listen closely during the choruses, and you’ll hear drums that mimic an... (more)

Kim Carnes: “Bette Davis Eyes
Posted: 09/20/2002
Her chart career was too substantial for one-hit wonder status (ten top-40 songs, including three in the top 10), but Kim Carnes will always be best remembered for one spectacular effort: “Bette Davis Eyes.”... (more)

The Village People: “Ready for the ’80s
Posted: 09/20/2002
No, they weren’t. ... (more)

Wall of Voodoo: “Mexican Radio
Posted: 09/18/2002
The song is famous for its post-bridge refrain, “I wish I was in Tiujana/Eating barbecued iguana,” but its smartest lyric is “I hear the rhythms of the music/I buy the product but never use it,” the slyest take on commercialism since the Stones sniffed at the man with the clean, white shirts but the wrong cigarettes in “Satisfaction.”... (more)

Rock of the ’80s (Volumes 1, 2 & 3)
Posted: 09/05/2002
Video Killed The Radio Star
“The set would have been more accurately titled ‘The Best of Pop Music’s One-Hit Wonders,’” I say, setting down a glass of Budweiser Youth Drink. “With a few exceptions, such as Duran Duran (“Is There Something I Should Know?”) and Squeeze (“Tempted”), these groups disappeared before you could say ‘MTV Heavy Rotation.’”... (more)

Artist Profile: Yes in the 1980s
Posted: 09/04/2002
Yes - Into The Lens
During the 1970s, progressive rock powerhouse Yes had gone through six different lineups and three different keyboardists. Although Yes was perhaps as famous for their numerous personnel changes as for their music, their 1980 lineup was by far the strangest... (more)

Dire Straits: “Money For Nothing
Posted: 08/30/2002
Money For Nothing
As the story goes, Dire Straits singer/songwriter/guitarist Mark Knopfler was in an electronics store when he heard an employee mocking the pretty boys on MTV... (more)

Billy Joel: “Pressure
Posted: 08/29/2002
Starting off with (real) drums and the most insistent bassline this side of “The Eye Of The Tiger,” the song almost immediately launches into that unforgettable keyboard riff that sounds like something Beethoven might have dreamed up... (more)

Ray Parker, Jr.: “I Still Can’t Get Over Loving You
Posted: 08/26/2002
Ray Parker, Jr.
With that smooth, distinctive voice, you could always tell when Ray Parker, Jr. was singing on a record. Whether he was begging for a spanking (“Bad Boy”) or grabbin’ his guitar and playing with it all night long (“The Other Woman”), it was hard not to smile when you heard ol’ Ray on the radio... (more)

The Police: “Every Breath You Take
Posted: 08/25/2002
The Police
If there is such a thing as a perfect Pop song, this is it. As critic Dave Marsh wrote, “‘Every Breath You Take’ belongs in that category of singles that announce themselves as classics from the first time you hear them.”... (more)

Michael Jackson: “Beat It
Posted: 08/24/2002
Beat It
“Beat It” was unlike any Michael Jackson single the world had heard. For one thing, it had guitars. And not just a lightly-strummed acoustic guitar in the background. This song had a hard-driving rock and roll guitar hook, and even a blistering guitar solo by none other than Eddie Van Halen. This was about as different from “The Girl Is Mine” as you could get... (more)

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